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It’s normal for a dog to be sad when his owner leaves but excessive crying, chewing, and ruining furniture? Not so much. If you believe your pup might be suffering from separation anxiety, these are the tell-tale signs and how to deal with it.




Is it actually anxiety?

Not all anxious behavior can be linked to a real issue with separation. Sometimes, bad behavior is just that, bad behavior, which can be fixed with training.




The warning signs

  • Extreme destruction (e.g. consuming indigestible objects, urinating or defecating, ripping at furniture)
  • Scratching or clawing at
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Baking is a science, and like all sciences, numbers play an important role. If your baking soda is off by even one teaspoon, you could have yourself a real mess! Keep this guide of common baking conversions on hand to bake like a pro.

Spoons & Cups





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Care to knock out your spring-cleaning in a month? It may seem impossible, but take it week by week, and you’re sure to have a sparkling clean house before April showers give way to May flowers.



Week One: De-clutter
De-cluttering is a big aspect of any cleaning project. Whether it be your closet, bathroom, basement, garage, or other areas of your home, don’t leave this to the last week of your spring-cleaning responsibilities. De-cluttering and organizing should be done before any major cleaning, as you don’t want to be dusting and wiping things that you may not even end up keeping.




Week Two: Clean

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Buying a home is one of the biggest and most exciting purchases of your lifetime. However, what many neglect to remember is that with responsibility comes hard work in the form of home upkeep. Keeping up with regular home maintenance tasks will keep you from future headaches down the line.



Annual Checklist

  • Clean your kitchen ventilator or exhaust fan. Have duct-works cleaned, if applicable.
  • Check the attic for leaks, stains, and dampness
  • Have a professional conduct a chimney inspection and sweep.
  • Have your heating and cooling system serviced.
  • Bleed air out of the radiators, and check for leaking valves.
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There is truth to the saying, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”—and the same philosophy applies to your home. Whether you are in the market to sell your house or are just looking for a spring refresh, curb appeal can go a long way toward increasing your home’s overall appeal.



Refresh the front door
If you haven’t paid much attention to your door lately, consider a fresh coat of paint. And don’t be afraid of a bright pop of color.



Go green
Adding plants and flowers can be an easy way to add pops of color to the exterior of your home. Consider a variety of flowers in coordinating colors, or pick up ready-made arrangements for a quick fix.




Update hardware 

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There’s no doubt pets play an important role in our homes. They wait for us to come home after a long day, they protect our property, and they are there to comfort us when things go wrong. Use these tips to ensure that you can enjoy your pet and sell your home at the same time!



Invest in a good carpet cleaner.
It’s a good idea to invest in a carpet cleaner, or have your carpets cleaned professionally to ensure there are no obvious pet stains. Plus, pet odors can radiate throughout the house. A carpet cleaner will help remove those odors and embedded fur.




Keep your pet out of the house.
If possible, it’s best to leave your pet with a friend, a relative, or another trusted caretaker while showing your

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Four Things To Do Before You Move In

You’re almost done! All that’s left to do is to pack up and move in to your first real home. Here are a few tips that will make your moving day as a new homeowner easier.

  1. Sort your belongings. Moving can be more expensive when you cart along items you don’t really want or need. A great way to do it is to sort and pack at the same time. Think in terms of three piles – keep, donate, trash. Trash the trash and drop the donations off at the first opportunity. Put your “keep” pile into moving boxes labeled by room.
  2. Plan your storage options. Closets, attics and cabinets can fill up quickly, especially if you’re downsizing. Where will the
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